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June 17 2008
Support System Online
The Support System is now back online. Please feel free to check the knowledgebase or to contact us with any questions you may have

April 11 2007
Minor Update Released
A minor update (version 1.49b) has been released to the members area. This fixes some minor bugs and adds a new maintenance mode, allowing you to block access to certain areas of your counter service with a customised message.

For a full list of changes, please see the Upgrade Guide

April 9 2007
Version 1.49 Released
A new version of CounterCode has now been released. This version includes updated OS and browser detection, a full testing interface for the ip2country plugin and additional diagnostics.

This new version is now available from the members area

December 2 2006
CounterCode 1.48 Released
The latest version of CounterCode with timezone support is now available. See the upgrade guide for more details.

Run Your Own Web Counter/Statistics Service!
Start your own web counter and web statistics service, offering page counters and usage statistics to users with the CounterCode PHP script and a MySQL database.

Use CounterCode to run a paid counter service, with the option of offering users a free account with limited features

Completely Automated
Users can sign up, change settings, view statistics and more through the user interface similar to one on the alcohol rehab centers website. Weekly statistics can be automatically delivered by e-mail to users.

Full Administration Interface!
Includes a full admin interface with the ability to manage user accounts, prune inactive accounts, e-mail all users, add counter styles and maintain the database.

Completely Customizable!
  • Customize the level of detail for users web statistics reports
  • Change the look and feel of your service using the in built template system.
  • Create your own counter styles or use one of the four sets included as seen on the cna training classes site using a demo of the counter.
Easy Installation
Set up CounterCode on your own server using the automated installation script.

Coded in Super-Fast PHP with MySQL!
No need to worry about server loads and database corruption

P3P Compliant Cookies!
Includes a compact P3P policy to enable cookies for IE6+ & NS7+ users

Customisable Language packs
CounterCode currently includes language packs for English, German and Italian, which can also be customised if required.

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$59 / 1 year of updates